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The Aegean sun gives its light to Akbük, blending the brightest green with the hope of blue and the peaceful green.

 Akbük is a name of a natural wonder where the sun is released like a bride in the sky and the atmosphere of the rain is accompanied by a song.

Geographical Location: Akbuk is a town of Didim, Aydın. In 1992, it had the status of municipality. Didim town center is 23 km and Aydın city center is 106 km away. Surrounded by mountains, Karadiken to the north, Ilbıra Mountains to the northeast, Kazıklı village to the east, Bozbük village to the southeast and Aegean Sea to the south. The area, which covers an area of ​​5 thousand hectares, has a 15 km coastline with a view of Akbuk Bay of Mandalya Bay and three coves with the name Çukur, Yavan and Yarık.

Coasts: The Akbuk coasts are the largest and most preferred beaches on the Aegean coast that are open to use for public benefit. The most preferred picnic areas for those who come to Akbük from the surrounding places are located on the shores of the Akbük coast. In addition, Akbuk coast has a wide walking band on the east and west sides of the port.

Tourism: Akbuk is a holiday paradise for the holidaymakers who want to enjoy the sea, the sun and the beach from the crowds of big cities, from the metropolitan life, away from the noise, the clean air, the blue of the sea and the green of the forest. Akbuk is also becoming a modern city with its new favorite tourism, hotels, hostels, resorts, bars, discos and urban equipment. The town, which has become one of the favorite places of European tourists, has an important tourism potential. The fact that Akbük is not attracted to the naturalness, which is encountered in many tourism centers in other coastal regions, being away from pollution and overcrowding is not attractive and makes Akbük attractive. One of the most popular, frequented places of prominent investors and tourism of our country Akbük, which has made significant investments by the leading companies of tourism companies and construction sector, has become a modern city in recent years.

Health Tourism: In the Akbük, where green and blue, the sun and shade are intertwined, provide all the generosity of nature with the generosity of nature, as well as the medicine that defies asthma, which is the disease of the disease, and provides a serious treatment for the patients coming to the town. Its abundant oxygenated air, combined with the iodine air breeze from the sea, has a miraculous effect on asthma patients. This feature makes Akbük indispensable for health tourism. If you are an asthma patient, it will be good for you to smell this wonderful atmosphere in Akbuk.

Water Sports: Akbuk is a suitable bay for sports such as sailing and water skiing. With each passing day, interest in water sports is increasing. You can sunbathe on the large and small beaches of the Akbuk beach, enjoy the sea, the sand, enjoy the morning walks and enjoy the sports on the beach by the sea.


Trekking: Another sport you can do in Akbük is nature walks. In the green forests overlooking the sea, we recommend that the holidaymakers take their backpacks and take a walk in the morning with plenty of oxygen. The nature of the Akbuk forests is waiting to be explored with centuries-old trees.

Fishing: There are water resources at the bottom of the sea in Akbük, where nature behaves very generously. Thanks to these natural resources, the bay does not contain dirt and the fish of the sea has an exquisite taste. It is one of the indispensable food sources of the people with its rich fish variety. The most delicious fish varieties in our region are sea bream, sea bass, salmon and yellow mullet.












































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